Thank you for visiting our site, We are a Family fellowship Ministry. We welcome everyone from every walk of life.
Rev. Wilfredo Santos is our pastor and teacher, he has been in Ministry for over 15yrs. and has a great passion for souls. Standing in ministry with him is his wife of 30 years Vicky Santos. We strongly believe that God can save, deliver and set free anyone, regardless of your past or current situation. There is NOTHING to hard for God! Join us in any one of our services, we would love to meet you and your family.

Our Purpose:

  1. To teach and disciple people to build God's Kingdom
  2. To minister to the whole man
  3. To build the whole family
  4. To love one another and spread it throughout the church and the community
  5. To come together as one body to worship, praise, and lift up the name Jesus Christ
  6. To win souls for Christ
  7. To reach our youth and redirect their minds toward positive thinking
  8. To have an impact in our community so people can come out of darkness and into His marvelous light
  9. To administer the ordinance of the new Testament
  10. To improve the spiritual core of our membership
  11. To convert with all of our energy all humanity within our reach to Christ
  12. To do missionary work and to teach Christian education supporting it on the worldwide level according to Matthew 28:19